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With the Prenax Consolidation Service, a library can achieve financial benefits, share in genuine value-added facilities and enjoy significant relief from clerical chores associated with subscriptions.
Each issue is checked-in to the Prenax system and any missing issues are automatically claimed for. The journals are then packaged together and each consignment includes a dispatch note summarizing all issues along with a status report on any claims. Issues are often obtained and replaced before customers are even aware of a problem. Journals are then sent to the client by courier weekly or at any frequency required.

Clients can also view their account through Prenax Online, giving complete access to their records, including up-to-date consolidation, claim reports and circulation lists. Clients can see on a daily basis what journals are being checked-in for the next shipment along with any claims made and publisher reports. So in summary, consolidation gives you:

  • Check-in and automated claiming facilities for late/damaged issues
  • Highly cost-effective courier deliveries to suit clients’ individual requirements
  • Online access to all records
  • An electronic facility to relieve clients of manually checking-in consolidated shipments


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